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David and John Reed
The following, regarding David and John Reed and their respective families, was extracted from the book, History of Washington County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches of Many of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men (Boyd Crumrine, editor):

     David and John Reed, whose earlier history will be found in Mount Pleasant township, in connection with the Washington lands, came after their dispossession to this township.  David, about the year 1788, purchased three hundred acres of land of Thomas Waller, which had been taken up by him before 1780, for which he received a Virginia certificate January 2d of that year.  It was adjoining lands of Joseph Brown, David McNary, Matthew Acheson, John May [see Alexander May], and Robert Miller.  A warrant of acceptance was issued to David Reed by the board of property March 2, 1790, and patent granted April 21, 1813.  He moved upon this farm when the contest for the Washington lands was decided, and lived there till his death in 1824, at seventy-seven years of age, leaving five sons and one daughter, --- Alexander, David, John, James, Joseph, and Mary.  Alexander, the eldest son, married the daughter of Joshua Anderson, of Chartiers township, and settled in Ohio, where they remained several years, then returned to his father's farm and settled there and lived many years.  He gave the portion that came to his possession to his sons, who sold to George Robb and removed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Alexander, the father, went with them and died there.
     David, the second son of David Reed, located in Mount Pleasant township, and later removed to Allegheny County.  He married Euphemia, daughter of James Paxton.  The property he owned in Mount Pleasant township is now in possession of the Dinsmores.  James Reed, a son of David, is a merchant in Canonsburg.  John Reed, the third son of David, married Jane, a daughter of John May, and settled on Miller's Run, in this township, where he lived and died.  His sons George and Samuel now own the farm.  James Reed, the fourth son, married Jane A. Allison, of Chambersburg, and located in Washington borough.  He was a jeweler and watchmaker, and lived there many years, and finally removed to Pittsburgh and carried on the business there till his death in 1879.  His sons James and George are living in Pittsburgh, and in the same business.  Joseph, the youngest son of David Reed, married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Alexander, of Miller's Run.  They settled on the homestead, but Mrs. Reed died only about six months afterward.  Mr. Reed married as a second wife Anna, the daughter of the Rev. David McClean, by whom he had four children, ---Margaret, a daughter, became the wife of Robert Henderson (a grandson of the Rev. Matthew Henderson), and settled in Chartiers township; Mary, another daughter, married John Nesbitt, and also settled in Chartiers; David settled at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as a physician, and died in 1878.  The youngest son is residing on the homestead and has charge of the farm.  Joseph Reed, after the death of his second wife, married Martha Henderson, who is still living.  Mr. Reed is now in his eighty-seventh year, and has retired from the active duties of life.  His memory of the many incidents related by his father concerning the Washington lands is still fresh, and many of the stories related of that affair are said by him to be without foundation.

Crumrine, Boyd (ed.), History of Washington County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches of Many of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men (Philadelphia:  L. H. Everts & Company, 1882).