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Native Americans, comprised primarily of members of the Shawnee tribe, were the original residents of what is now Cecil Township, but they were displaced by encroaching colonists.  Today, there are no federally recognized Indian tribes in Pennsylvania, due to their forced relocation to Oklahoma reservations in the 1700s.  However, descendants of the original Native Americans live in Cecil Township because their ancestors had assimilated into white society.

Early Settlers

The early settlers, including the individuals (and their respective families) listed below, were of Irish, Scottish, English and German ancestry.  It is believed that many of the Irish had immigrated to America to escape the Irish Famine of 1740-1741.  With an agricultural-based economy, Cecil Township's first residents were mostly farmers.  The area was also home to various tradesmen.  As with any emerging community, opportunities arose for doctors, teachers and ministers, and some of Cecil Township's early community leaders were learned men whose education and business acumen played a pivotal role in the advancement of the township.

In this video, Philip Simpson discusses early settlement of the Western Frontier.
Uncovering the Past in the Twenty-first Century

Many resources exist today that offer individuals help in researching their family trees.  Old books, newspaper articles and an array of internet repositories such as Ancestry.com offer amateur genealogists a wealth of information.  Some Cecil Township residents today, as in the case of Robert Cowden Sr., have connections to the Township's earliest settlers, and these unique histories will be explored and compiled as more information is obtained.  Also, recently discovered photographs and other interesting bits of history have prompted the publishing of pieces like The Fifes of Cecil Township.  For those who enjoy mystery solving, there are a number of mystery photographs included on this site, including Mystery Photographs of Cecil Township Residents.  Any help in identifying the subjects would be greatly appreciated!
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