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Since its beginnings, a number of books have been written about Cecil Township and its important figures and landmarks.  Books of antiquity, including Caldwell's Illustrated Combination Centennial Atlas of Washington County, Pennsylvania (1876) and Boyd Crumrine's History of Washington County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches of Many of its Pioneers and Prominent Men (1882), are sure to prove difficult to locate in reasonable condition, but more recently published titles are available to pique the interest of serious historians and history buffs alike.

Morganza has been the subject of multiple books, including the recently published titles, Morganza:  Pennsylvania's Reform School (Mount Pleasant, South Carolina:  Arcadia Publishing, 2014) by Christopher Barraclough and The Morganza, 1967 Life in a Legendary Reform School (Albuquerque:  University of New Mexico Press, 2009) by David E. Stuart.  Stuart's book recounts his experiences and observations working inside the infamous institution that has been razed to accommodate a portion of the Southpointe commercial development.

Parker S. Burrough's, former editor of the Observer-Reporter, has published Washington County Murder & Mayhem:  Historic Crimes of Southwestern Pennsylvania, a book that has generated much interest and sparked conversation about several nearly-forgotten crimes.

Another book, Christopher D. George's Day-by-day with the 123d Pennsylvania Volunteers:  A Nine-month Civil War Regiment from Allegheny County, was released in October 2016.  At the November 16, 2016 meeting of the Cecil Township Historical Society, George, who is related to Cecil Township's Borland, Cowden and Welch families, gifted a copy of this book to the Society.  A prominent figure in George's book is Private Matthew H. Borland of Cecil.

Much fascinating information can be gleaned from these titles, as well as from Life and Times of Cecil Township Through Newspaper Clippings and Articles, Volumes 1-9, offered directly by the Cecil Township Historical Society, Inc.  Anyone wishing to buy one or more of these volumes can attend a monthly meeting of the Society on the third Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at the Cecil Township Municipal Building, located at 3599 Millers Run Road (SR 50), Cecil, PA 15321.  Alternatively, a check in the amount of $39 (inlcuding $4 postage and handling) per volume can be sent, along with a note specifying which volume you would like to purchase, to Cecil Township Historical Society, Inc., P. O. Box 48, Cecil, Pennsylvania  15321.


Take a trip down Memory Lane and check out these vintage posters promoting dances and performances at some of the popular local clubs.  Anyone remember these?  Special thanks to Jeff Chickis for providing these.
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