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The Fifes of Cecil Township
By Greg Freeman.  Copyright Greg Freeman.  All rights reserved. Used with permission.

The Fifes, though not mentioned in Crumrine's writings, have a long history in Cecil Township......at least as far back as the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  Captain William Fife fought in the Revolutionary War, serving in the Washington County Militia's 2nd Batallion, Company 4, under Colonel Vallandingham, but he was a resident of nearby Peters Township. 

The following photographs, once destined for the waste basket, were shared with the Cecil Township Historical Society.  While most identify someone or some place connected to the Fifes, particularly Martha Fife and her family, one or two of the images feature unidentified subjects.  This collection of photographs originated from the same source, but its connection is not evident at first glance, because we lack the knowledge of the original owner.  Should anyone recognize an unidentified individual in one of the images, please let us know!  We would love to solve these mysteries!
The Fife House, Papp Road, Cecil Township
First Day of School, Cecil Township High School, 1908

Teachers:  Newton Tannehill, Aimee Seidel, Cliff Kerr

Back row:  Dill (Dale?) Weaver, Homer Malone, Cliff Kerr, Lee White, Foster Wallace, Dwight Connor, Charles Hall, Kathy Fehl, Jim Fife, Unknown, Aimee Seidel
Front row:  Beulah McConnell, Martha Fife, Kitty Wilson, Unknown, Anna McConnell, Lizzie McConnell, Elva White
Background:  Cecil Township High School, 1908?

Graduating Class, Cecil Township High School, 1910

Back row:  Dell (Dale?) Weaver, Roger Boak, Homer Malone, Charley Hall
Front row:  Elva Wallace, Florence White, Martha Fife, Anna McConnell

Mystery Photo

Someone has handwritten Ms. Fife on this photo, indicating the identity of one of the ladies, but the remaining individuals in the image are unknown.  If you have information about one or more of these, please contact us!  Note the Victorian architcture with the gingerbread wood trim above the porch.  What occasion might this have been?  Note the period dress, predominantly white/light-colored dresses and hats.  Also, one lady is holding a child, second row, fourth from the right.
Mystery Photo

Nothing is known about this photo.  Any helpful information would be gratefully appreciated.  Note the different background (brick facade), younger group of individuals, shorter dresses (indicating a later date?), absence of hats and more modern hairstyles.
Mrs. James Fife

Penciled on reverse: 

Mother of James & Robert Fife, Cecil Twp

Great great grandmother of James and Lois M

Her maiden name was Nancy Hopper.  She was a sister of the Hopper Brothers, John & Thomas, Twins, and Samuel Hopper of Peters Twp
M. Fife, Cecil High, 1910

(Is this Martha Fife?  Who was Bill Snodgrass?)

Also penciled on reverse: 
Bill Snodgrass and his girlfriend (Who was she?)
Mystery Photo

Other than the handwritten note referring to "Felton" (second row, second from left), this photo appears to be another one filled with unidentified subjects.  Recognize someone?  Note the location of the photograph.  It was taken in front of a wooded area, not a school.  What is the occasion?  Is this a class photo?
Another View of the Fife House
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Miller

Mrs. Miller, daughter of Robert and Carrie Fife, Cecil Twp
Tom, Sam & John Hopper, Peters Township

Back row:  The Kamp Family.  Mrs. Kamp is their niece.

(This image might not belong on a site devoted to Cecil Township, but it will remain here for the time being because it was among these photos.  Any information on the Hoppers or Kamps would be appreciated.)