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The following, regarding Muse, was extracted from the book, Cecil Township Bicentennial Celebration:  Our 200th Birthday, 1781-1981:

     The Village of Muse, a mining town, was built in 1923 by the National Coal Company, a subsidiary of U.S. Steel, on what was formerly the Weaver, Hall and White Farms.
     According to a July 19, 1923 newspaper report, the new mining town was being planned on a large scale for the miners who would be employed at the National No. 3 mine.
     At that time, 75 homes were constructed with an additional 50 under construction and a total of 300 expected to be built.
     The town, in time, was named for Charles A. Muse, then superintendent of coal shipments for H.C. Frick Coke Company.
     A company store was also built for the mining village at a cost of $30,000.
     The mine was equipped with the latest in electrical apparatus.  The machinery was electrically driven throughout the mine.
     O.D. Black of Canonsburg was named the first superintendent at the mine.  A spur would be built from the Montour Railroad to service the area.
     Operations at the mine began August 20, 1923, according to local newspaper accounts.

Muse Book

Check out this book on Muse!  Though put together rather informally, and the identity of the editor/author thus far is unknown, this book (in .pdf form) provides a wealth of information.

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Miner's Family on the Porch of Company Home, H.C. Frick Coke Company, National #3 Mine, Muse, Washington County, Pennsylvania