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Fawcett Methodist Episcopal Church
The following, regarding Fawcett Methodist Episcopal Church, was extracted from the book, History of Washington County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketchies of Many of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men (Boyd Crumrine, editor):

     The date of the organization of this church is not known, as no minutes were kept prior to 1842.  The first record having reference to it is a survey of the lot on which the present church edifice is erected.  The lot was donated by Andrew Fawcett, and was surveyed Aug. 12, 1812.  A log meeting house was afterwards built, and services were held occasionally when an itinerant preacher chanced to pass that way.  The first mention of a board of trustees is in minutes kept by them from April 4, 1842, with regularly till 1850, when many years intervene before records were again kept.  The old log church was used as a place of worship till 1833, when the present brick church was built.  It has from the first been a station supplied by ministers from other charges.  In 1877 the Rev. D. M. Hollister was appointed pastor of Canonsburg and Fawcett Chuches.  In 1878 the Rev. M. L. Weekly had the charge.  After that time it was placed with Bridgeville in one change, and under the care of the Rev. R. C. Wolf.  It is at present in the care of the Rev. George Hudson.  It has now fifty members.

Crumrine, Boyd (ed.), History of Washington County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches of Many of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men (Philadelphia:  L. H. Everts & Company, 1882).

Since its founding, Fawcett Methodist Church has enjoyed a long, distinguished history, and the following items document its prominent role in the community:
On April 6, 1986, Fawcett United Methodist Church celebrated its remodeling with a dedication service.  At the time, Rev. Victor L. Brown served as pastor.  Interestingly, the program indicates the stained glass windows had originated from Ames United Methodist Church in Pittsburgh, and were releaded and installed by Galley Stained Glass Studios of Canonsburg.  The pews were purchased from First United Methodist Church of McKeesport, Pennsylvania.  The remodeling included such aesthetic touches as tile in the vestibule and new carpeting, as well as a new sidewalk on the outside.